Solitaire gold menottes

Sarah's Bag

Solitaire gold menottes

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A future-retro classic. With its glossy, black lacquered veneer, oblong shape, and dramatic black tassel, this evening bag captures the era of the glamorous 1920s, with a slightly oriental touch.  Featuring a twin pair of gold bracelet handles, it can be worn elegantly around the wrist, leaving your hands free to do the talking.  Open/closes on the size with an internal magnetic fastening system.

  • Painted walnut wood
  • Brass handle
  • Magnetic fastening
  • Cotton thread fringes

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Sarah’s Bag led by founder and Creative Director Sarah Beydoun, is a Lebanese fashion house and social enterprise that creates one-of-a-kind luxury hand crafted bags and accessories that empower both the women who make them and the women who wear them.
The signature hand beading and embroidery the bags are known for is meticulously crafted by a team of over 200 women, among whom are female prisoners, ex-prisoners and underprivileged women in Lebanon making it one of the most successful social entrepreneurship brands in the region.