Be Conscious 

One thing that has become very clear in the last 12 months is that we are all connected and that what we do affects those close and far. 2020 restored our views and perspective of so much. It called for us to refocus our lens and recalibrate our values. We were challenged by a series of on-going global disasters around us. From COVID -19, to wildfires and natural disasters along with game changing political and economic events. 

Like everything, there is always a silver lining if you take the time to step back. Covid -19 brought the entire world to a standstill, and the effects are clear to us all. However, one positive outcome is that we experienced a considerable decrease in carbon emissions. Literally…the air was cleaner, and the sky was brighter for the first time in years. As we watched nature heal, there is no denying that sustainability has to be at the forefront of how we choose to live, now more than ever.

EvolutionSK was born in 2020. Recognising the importance of our world and the impact we can and want to have in our community we realise that celebrating even the smallest effort of mindfulness, conscious living and community driven initiatives is crucial to us. 

EvolutionSK is showing our commitment by ensuring that all of our ESK packaging is 100% sustainable. We even have the super exciting Pre-Loved scheme where customers can resell their pre-loved bags where we minx it up with the ESK look. 

Moreover, ESK celebrates brands and talent who too are committed to these goals. EvolutionSK’s “Be Conscious” is our way of shining a light on brands that share these values.

Be Conscious is the sustainability scheme that EvolutionSK abides by to ensure a more sustainable future. Partnering with brands who value the environment, humans, animal welfare, community-driven initiatives and cruelty-free practices in hopes of securing a more sustainable fashion industry. While not all of our brands are in full bloom of sustainability, they are taking tangible steps to join us on our Be Conscious journey. 

We were hoping our ESK Minxes will too! Join us by incorporating two or three sustainable practices into your everyday life. In case you are stumped for ideas we have some for you….

Steps to Being Conscious:

- Donate old clothing (homelessness is at an all-time high, donate clothing to your local homeless shelter) or upcycle your wardrobe and let someone else enjoy your preloved items.

-Pick up rubbish on your daily walk.

-Try and limit food shopping for two or three days, rather than the entire week as this will help reduce food waste as well as the amount of single-use plastic you purchase.

-Recycle at home and at work.

-Try going vegan or become a vegetarian for a few days of the week.

- Offset your carbon footprint by donating to and many others like it.

Share the steps you are taking to Be Conscious #beconsciousESK / (#beconsciouschallenge) /(#esklook) and join our Evolution! And always Minx It Up! #minxitup!



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