About Serra Kirdar

Be Conscious

Serrakirdar.com was born in 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic. For many of us, the crisis reset our views and perspective, and called for us to refocus our lens and recalibrate our values. We were challenged by a series of on-going global disasters around us. From COVID-19, to wildfires and natural disasters along with game changing political and economic events.

Recognising the importance of our world and the impact we can and want to have in our community, we realise that celebrating even the smallest effort of mindfulness, conscious living and community driven initiatives is crucial to us.

“Be Conscious” is the sustainability scheme that we abide by to ensure a more sustainable future. By partnering with and celebrating brands who value the environment, humans, animal welfare, community-driven initiatives and cruelty-free practices, we hope to play a small role in securing a more sustainable fashion industry. While not all of our brands are in full bloom of sustainability, they are taking tangible steps to join us on our Be Conscious journey.

We showcase a unique curation of beautiful pieces from independent brands who share at least one of our four key values: Artisanal Craft, Community-Led, Female Founded and Responsibly Produced. We are committed to encouraging more conscious purchases, and would like to invite you to become part of the story behind each piece in your wardrobe. Our own packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our Key Values

Each of our products carries at least one label for the above values. You can also filter products based on values you relate to.Together we can slowly but surely build a happier healthier planet!

Female Founded

As a female founded company Serra Kirdar is always wanting to champion and support female led businesses. Our Founder Serra Kirdar has a PhD in Education and Women’s Empowerment and Leadership and remains passionate about education and the role of female empowerment and showcasing female talent.

Responsibly Produced

At Serra Kirdar we want to shine a light on brands who value our environment. We work with brands that are leading the eco-friendly charge as well as repurposing materials and upcycling vintage garments. In addition, a number of our brands are also made-to-order, to minimise wastage by working with demand led inventories. We work with brands who share our ethos of securing a more sustainable future.

Artisanal Craft

We strive to work with brands who are the very best at what they do to ensure products are made to last and are truly unique. We partner with a new generation of artists, artisans and designers, ensuring that traditional crafts not only survive but are re-invigorated and celebrated in a modern context. We pride ourselves on a selection of personalised and bespoke options, offering an exceptional and exclusive product and experience with exceptional craftsmanship and design that allows you to infuse a little distinction by personalising a whole selection of gorgeous finds.

Emerging Communities

Serra Kirdar champions socio-entrepreneurship and empowering local communities through responsible manufacturing. We staunchly support brands who have harnessed local talent within their own community or country to produce truly unique and beautiful pieces. Our brands such as Sarah’s Bags share our value of supporting community driven initiatives to create a happier, safer, and healthier planet for all.