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Bags of Charm

By Serra Kirdar
March 1, 2024

Introducing an exclusive design collaboration between Bags by PHOXX and our namesake founder, Serra Kirdar. Prepare to meet the bag you’ll carry all day, all year round, forever…

Alexander McQueen alumni Najwan Meyassar features highly on Serra Kirdar’s hot names to watch. Of French Milanese heritage, with a passion for craft and the joy-giving effects of colour, in 2017, Najwan, a Beirut-based Parsons School of Design graduate, founded Bags by PHOXX. Handmade with extraordinary attention to detail, the Bags by PHOXX x Serra Kirdar capsule collection is now exclusively available via Serra Kirdar dot com. 

Inspired by Serra’s scuba diving trips and the incredible colour combinations seen on fish she never imagined could work, the capsule collection feels like a harmonious meeting of souls. “I wanted to recreate the kind of vibrancy seen underwater using metallic fabrics PHOXX has become known for”, says Serra. ‘It also felt important to remain practical and design a bag that works for women when travelling, hence why the colour combinations I’ve chosen will work with literally anything in your suitcase’, she continues. 

Creating Bags by Phoxx provided an incredibly shy Najwan with a sartorial form of communication. Her designs are a sort of visual language by which she can communicate what’s going on in her mind and soul. It’s the same for Serra, a woman who firmly believes what we wear can power us through a busy day. The same goes for Najwan, who, when seeing a woman carrying a PHOXX bag, is filled with total joy. Not that she’d shout about it from the hilltops, mind. She lets the bags do the talking. 


Describe Bags by Phoxx in a sentence

Phoxx embodies vibrant creativity that aims to evoke joy and a sense of uniqueness in those who embrace it.

Why do you do what you do?


Playing with bold colours, creating something from scratch, and knowing it might brighten someone's day brings me happiness. If one of my bags makes a young girl or a woman feel extra special, I feel like I've nailed it!


What’s on your inspiration mood board this season?

You know, I think rattan shines in summer collections, especially when it comes to eco-friendly fashion. I love all the unique shapes and structures popping up in handbag designs this summer. And you can't go wrong with metallics—they're always in style. Heart-shaped bags and bucket bags are making a comeback, and since it's summer, oversized totes are a must-have. But when I'm designing new collections, I always make sure to stay true to my style and identity. I'll follow the trends, sure, but I like to keep that Phoxx vibe alive and kicking.

What is your most significant achievement?


Getting to this stage in my journey has been so fulfilling. I've had the chance to dive into the fashion world, learning from every angle, which has been amazing. Building up my brand has been a dream of mine for so long, so seeing it featured in big places feels like a huge win. And on top of all that, discovering I’ll be a mom this year! That's the cherry on top of everything, bringing a new level of happiness and meaning to my life.


Biggest regret?

I kick myself for not starting things earlier, wishing I had more guts and trusted my gut instincts. It's frustrating looking back on times when I put things off and knowing I could've done better if I'd just gotten on with it.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?


“Vision will get you inspired - discipline will take you there”.


What one item would you save in a fire (that’s not a human or a pet!)

My phone has seen more of my life than anything else I own. Memories stick around…If I had to grab a few things in a rush, I'd probably go for my jewellery, favourite handbags, and maybe my diary if I could squeeze it in. But let's be real, my practical side would probably go straight for my passport.

What would you like your brand to be known for?


I aim for it to be recognised for its diversity in style and inherent playfulness.


What drives you?

Outside of work, I've always been a bit on the quiet side, even though I enjoy being around people. But when I switch into "work mode," something clicks. I love meeting all kinds of people and bouncing around fresh ideas— that’s when I come out of my shell. Seeing how different people rock my bags, each with their individual flair, style and story is such a thrill. I get a kick out of learning where my customers are from and what makes them tick. When I see someone beaming while carrying a Phoxx bag, it's like mission accomplished.

What does success mean to you?


Success to me isn't just about ticking off professional accomplishments; it's about taking a step back and appreciating the whole journey. It means looking back at the goals I've smashed and the obstacles I've tackled. Plus, success is about lending a hand to others while I'm knee-deep in my work, sparking fresh ideas, and dreaming up new designs. It's also about creating a brand that really strikes a chord with people, one they genuinely love and feel a connection to.

I'll follow the trends, sure, but I like to keep that Phoxx vibe alive and kicking.

Najwan Meyassar

By Serra Kirdar
March 1, 2024