Joyful Star Necklace
Joyful Star Necklace
Joyful Star Necklace
Joyful Star Necklace
Joyful Star Necklace

Orchid Jewelry

Joyful Star Necklace

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This elegant pendant presents a handcrafted 18k gold star embossed on hand carved mother of pearl, Lapis, Malachite and Turquoise. Adorned with diamond. 

This collection takes inspiration from the beauty and harmony found in symmetry evoking a sense of balance and aesthetic pleasure. The combination of complementing stones creates a visual harmony that is truly captivating.

Material:  18k gold

Diamond Weight: 0.02ct

Dimension: 1.5cm

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Orchid Jewelry, founded by sisters Aya and Amina, is named after the orchid flower, loved by Aya and representing love, peace, beauty and strength. The Orchid Jewelry design concept is dynamic and diverse, yet classic to suit all tastes.