Meet the founder

Meet the founder

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Dr Serra Kirdar PhD was born in New York and is of Iraqi - Turkish descent. Currently living in London, where the EvolutionSK is based, Serra has also lived in Dubai and other dynamic intentional cities. She travels frequently and is the definition of a self-defined ‘global citizen’.

When Serra finished school, she decided to pursue an academic career, graduating from Oxford University with a PhD in Education and women’s empowerment and leadership. Serra remains passionate about education and the role of women empowerment, especially women from the Arab world. She even went on to publish numerous articles and a book on Education in the Arab world in 2017.

Yet all through her academic career, Serra equally pursued her love of fashion and collecting art. She learnt that to understand beauty and luxury, you had to understand the value of the unique. This was the start of a lifelong passion to seek out and support emerging artists and designers around the world.

Serra’s direction for EvolutionSK was influenced by her father and mother, both equally distinct and stylish. Her father's background as CEO and Founder of Investcorp, a private equity firm that bought luxury brands including Tiffany and Gucci, meant exposure to the world of corporate fashion from an early age. Watching and observing closely she has inherited her father’s confidence, rigour and acute attention to detail.

Through her insatiable appetite to discover and unpack new talents, Serra has found a new way to blend styles together. Her irreverent angle on fashion is that “Every facet of one’s life affords us a way to behave and dress and live. I’m a subscriber to glamour as much as comfort”. Serra’s drive to share the creative process to live the joy of the finding something different is the reason behind the EvolutionSK business.

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