Our Mission

Our Mission

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Serra’s eye for the unusual and unique has been heavily influenced by her parents and their family travels as a young child and growing up. Serra learnt that to understand beauty and luxury, you had to understand the value of the unique. This was the start of a lifelong passion to seek out and support emerging artists and designers around the world.

Serra is adamant that fashion has got to evolve and move on and knows that women want to access what's unique and also practical. However, she believes that comfort does not mean losing the joy of fashion as a means of self-expression nor the understanding of the design and craft.

Serra’s drive to share the creative process to live the joy of the finding something different is the reason behind the Serrakirdar.com business.

“The key is getting that one cool piece to funk up your look, break up the monotony by adding something unexpected. I’m here to shake up the predictable”.

Non-conformist, eclectic and edgy, Serra today, is adamantly anti-mass luxe, and through Serrakirdar.com she can finally empower others to be part of her journey. This dovetails seamlessly with her drive to encourage people to express themselves more confidently, mix things up and dare to stand out.

Serra invites customers to join the evolution of fashion that's rebellious, fun and incredibly relevant to today’s multifaceted world, enabling you to access the unique and effortlessly mix the best of street style and luxury.

“The journey for the distinction is also one about empowerment, individuality and creativity. It’s about daring to be different, opinionated, curious adventurous and confident. Not wanting to simply blend in but rather be seen for the individuals that we are”.

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